Brayden Bledsoe

About Me

My name is Brayden Bledsoe and I have lived in Galesburg my entire life.  For 16 years I lived in the same home and have worked in my family’s concession business since I was 9.  Recently my parents bought their dream home just outside of Galesburg with the goal of building a garage for my dad and I's hobbies. I have owned multiple project cars throughout my life and I can say that it will be the hobby that sticks with me forever.  It started with a 90's Camaro when I was 9 that my dad wanted to fix up for me, then we got a 90's F150 with the same end goal in mind.  Of course, we sold that too and got a 1965 Belair when I was 16 and ended up selling it for a 1988 BMW E30, which I still have to this day.  All this said, what matters is that I am extremely excited for the CEO class.