Sterling Cramer

About Me

I’m Sterling Cramer, I am 17, and I’m currently a junior at ROWVA Highschool. I love acting and photography and I try to do those two things as much as I can. I started taking acting classes at The Performing Arts Academy of galesburg when I was in the fifth grade and have done it every year since.


My interest in photography sparked when I saw how much fun it was for my older brother Skylar. In 2018 I got my first camera and since then I have upgraded to a Sony a6300, an assortment of lenses, and a MacBook Pro for editing. You can see some of my pictures on my Instagram: @sterlingjcramer. I’m also a part of the RW Baseball and Golf team and the ROWVA Trap Shoot team. Inside and out of school I am still a pastor’s kid in a family of nine trying to figure out life.


I joined the CEO program to learn about business, management, meet new people, and hopefully to create a business out of photography and build a client base for the future. I’m looking forward to seeing what my classmates and I grow into through the CEO program.







DISC Characteristics

  • I tend to be very decisive about problems, options, and new directions to take.
  • I tend to be a stabilizing force when emotional issues hit the team.
  • I am always seen as cool, calm, and collected on the outside (whether that is true on the inside or not).
  • I am persistent in trying to get a message across, even in the midst of resistance.