Cora Johnson

About Me

Hi, my name is Cora Johnson, and I am a Junior at Galesburg Junior Senior High School! I am involved in varsity basketball and varsity golf. I am very passionate and committed to my sports, I always want to improve and get better. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, as well as crocheting and sewing. Outside of school I work in the Golf Shop at Lake Bracken, I have been working there for two years and enjoy meeting new people. I also started a crocheting class for people in my community. I love teaching people passion. I applied to the CEO program because I wanted to learn more about what the business world is like. I knew people in the program and they highly recommend this class. I wanted to meet new people and understand how business works more. Through this class I hope to start and grow my business more. I sell my crochet creations now but I want to turn it into a business. Through this class I know I will learn how to and get more connections from the people of Galesburg.







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