Alexandra Suarez

About Me

Hey everyone! I am Alexandra Suarez and I am currently a senior at Galesburg High School. I've always taken the opportunities given to me that not many other people have, and always try to stay involved!  When I'm not at school I spend my time working or I will work on my artist skills and always playing the sports I love!

At school I'm involved in many different activities. I participate in Soccer, Tennis, Student Council and Trio Upward Bound. I'm super glad to add Knox County CEO, in my opinion will stand out.
I will be attending Carl Sandburg College to get my degree to become a Dental Hygienist! In the future I do want to continue building my business and wanting my business to grow and be well known.
I heard about the CEO program over social media when one of last year's students posted about her business and tagging Knox County CEO instagram. I was very interested and wanted to join right away! I was very happy that I got accepted into this amazing program that will bring in different skills and knowledge in the future and the future of my business. In addition to that I'm excited to grow as a class with all the other students and helping each other grow their business as well. 





DISC Characteristics

  • I prefer to lead by setting an example, not out right instructing others.
  • I bring a definite optimistic attitude to projects and tasks.
  • I strongly prefer a workplace with a sincere, personal, and agreeable environment with little hostility.
  • I am very conscientious in delivering high levels of detail.